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 Why Should You Buy Instagram Video Views? 

buy instagram viewsbuy instagram video viewsIn February 2016, Instagram launched a new feature called “Instagram Video Views”. Today, it is one of the powerful tools that shows the world how many people have watched your video. The views are now assumed as the feedback to your video.

Bring everyday moments alive with videos on Instagram. Any important event or a remarkable achievement in business would have more celebration on Social media when you add a relevant video. A video on your Instagram profile adds more value when it has many “views”. Apart from organic views, a looped video counts as one view.

This views feature is available only in the videos but not on the photos that you upload. It is also noteworthy to mention that videos uploaded after 19th November 2015 display the number of views in the views counter. Not the earlier ones.

When you click on the “Views” on the videos on Instagram, you would also see the likes on the video. Likes and views are two different features on Instagram. “Views” feature do not replace the “likes” feature. So, it is important to have videos with a higher views count to make them add value to your business profile. Make your videos stand out by buying Instagram Video Views.



  • Views Are Powerful Social Media Promotion

    Unlike “Likes” on your Instagram videos, views are pivotal to show the popularity of your video. Although the number of followers and likes are crucial to determining your social media popularity on Instagram, the “Views” on your video make your profile stand out from the others in your league. In fact, the views are considered as a review of your video on Instagram. The more views on a video would definitely intrigue any new user to have a look at your video. Once you buy a number of “Views”, you would definitely find a spike in the “Views” on your video.

  • Views Are For Everyone

    It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or an artist or a blogger or a casual Instagram user. Instagram views are important to everyone who values their social media profile on Instagram. A Higher number of views would make every passerby on Instagram have a look at your videos making them more popular. Getting traffic to promote the business is very important criteria to use social media these days. Make the best out of it by spending a little for marketing your video to the world with a number of views.

  • Views Make Your Videos Instantly Attractive

    Having a high-quality video that clearly brings out the message is highly recommended to attract more users to constantly share your videos and view them. It is extremely easy to get good traffic for your business on Instagram if you follow a good strategy. Videos can get viral on Instagram easily with a number of views on them. Make them attractive today by buying Instagram video views!


Instagram has a great potential to uplift your business. Make it happen easily with a small investment on your videos. Videos that are good are memorable for years and shared frantically in social media. Make a great video that adds value to your business and let us help you in making it more famous with a higher number of “views”. Get a better insight to your Instagram videos, today!

 Some Questions Answer 

Are this views are real ?
Yes, all of these views are from people who are active on instagram. 
When i will start getting views ?
 We always try to provide followers instantly once we are online. However any kind of order take maximum 12 hrs to deliver and larger order take 24-36 hours to deliver.
Where do these views coming from?
We have a high skilled developer , who always creating/maintaining big amount of instagram account. Its guaranteed that we always try to provide good quality of views
Can i split my views order to multiple videos ?
Yes, You can take views to your last 5 videos on your account. Just add a Notice into the note box during checkout.
Will they like my video or follow my account?
Like and follow depend on their own interest but we will add 10% like with each of your package.If you choose a package for 1000 views, you will get 100 likes free with this package
Where i will contact, if i have an issue ?
 If you have any issue or any question, you can contact with our customer support. Our Support team with reply you within 24 hours.