Basic Questions


We generally process all orders a few hours after the purchase was made. However, please allow up to 48 hours before contacting us.
Through years of engineering, we’ve narrowed in on our own unique and strategic method that allows us to provide the highest quality marketing at an unbeatable price. We own and operate high-traffic affiliate websites that we use to direct targeted and interested traffic to your social media profiles.
This depends on the type of package you’ve purchased and speed selected.
Not at all. We’ve been operating successfully within the Twitter terms of service and have never had a user banned because of our promotion.
We never require any sensitive information to fulfill your orders. Your account passwords are safe with you. All we need is for your account profile to be set to public and your Twitter username or picture URL.
Our promotion is optimized to provide your orders almost instantly. No more waiting days on end to see your promotion hit your account. Orders are processed same day, and you’ll start seeing your promotion within a couple of hours. Note that in case of downtime, it may take up to 48 to receive your order.
Yes, simply notify our team about the size of your order, and we can arrange to have a custom order filled.



Customer relations is a huge part of what makes our social media marketing services special. We have a customer relations team ready to serve you around the clock via email and live chat support. If you have a question, you’re sure to get an answer and quickly too.
If you happen to not see your order in the expected time frame of delivery, remain patient. We ensure that your promotion will be delivered. Occasionally there are just complications due to Twitter’s own changes within their system that may stall.
Immediately contact support with any relevant information you can provide that will help us identify the problem. It is our policy to handle and resolves these issues as quickly as we can.
We accept all major credit card companies and payment through a PayPal account. We do our best to accommodate all of our customer’s payment needs.