Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Buying Tiktok story shares is a surprisingly great way to build better audience reach. Most people on social media handles just only stick to watching stories of the people. If they find it entertaining, they choose to follow then and there. Therefore, buying Tiktok story shares not only increases viewership, but audience and visitors on the profile.
Answer: When we take your order, we verify it with you. At the time of order delivery and after delivering the services, we stay in contact with you to know what you think. After some time, what you should expect is a snowballing effect on your entire account where people are engaging rapidly as your content is being exposed to a larger audience.
Answer: The TikTok stories are only visible on the For Your Page of Tiktok. These are different than your regular videos that are posted on the profile. This particular service page has only been for Tiktok story shares that a person can find by tapping the profile picture of a user. Once you post a story, a light blue circle will appear on the profile picture and that is where the stories go.
Answer: If you are still unsure of paying only for Tiktok story shares that will available for 24 hours, we would recommend you definitely give it a try. Life is short and you deserve to see the results it will bring to trust the process. Many of our clients have loved getting these cheap services and keep coming back for more.
Answer: Yes. The live views we deliver on your Youtube videos are the people from original accounts in our systems, however, they are not your subscribers. The systems that we have are different, thus the system we use for live views does not guarantee subscribers but does increase viewership.
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