How to Make Your Facebook Profile Public

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How to Make Your Facebook Profile Public

Facebook has been around for over a decade and by now most people think they’re experts in it. However, there are still some basic settings that not everyone knows how to navigate. Facebook tends to change its layout quite often, adding new features and tools. There are many options you can use to customize your account protection. There is an option of limiting the access to your account from any foreign device or you can make the posts only limited to your friends and family. In addition, you can easily block anyone you wouldn’t want to see friend requests from.

The only thing is, not everyone wants to keep their profile private. Some people actually like the idea of having it open to public. It gives an opportunity to make new connections and allows others to take a peek at what your life is like.

There are two ways you can change your profile settings to public. Grab your pens and take notes.

An In-Depth Method

This first method will give you control over more customized settings. This way you can make sure your profile is 100% public. The options that will be provided in this method will allow you to open your profile to other search engines and it will make it easier for people to look you up.

There are a few steps you have to take. Firstly tap on the triangle on the top right corner and go to your Settings. There on the left side you will see Privacy, click on it. In the section ‘Who can see my stuff?’ make sure you pick Public. Next line – Who can contact me -> ‘Everyone’. The last line is ‘Who can look me up?’ Pick ‘Everyone’ on the first two fields and click on the third one and tick Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile.


A Short-Cut Method

If you cannot be bothered to go through everything mentioned in the first method, then this second one is for you. It’s an easy short cut that takes seconds to reach.

On the top right corner there is a “lock” with three lines next to the triangle. Click on the lock and there you will see a privacy shortcut. You’ll have three options. Press on ‘Who can see my stuff?’ and instead of ‘Friends’ choose Public.Next go to ‘Who can contact me?’ and instead of Friends of Friends pick ‘Everyone’. The last field ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’ you don’t need to change it unless you actually have someone in mind.


Once you follow through everything mentioned in either of the methods your profile will be completely open to public. As a bonus you can adjust your timeline as well. Use the first method and go to the Settings. On the left side click on Timeline and Tagging and there you will see ‘Who can see things on my timeline’. Make sure you tick ‘Everyone’ in both fields there. Tada and now you have your Public Profile!

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