Snapchat Followers and How to See Them

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Snapchat Followers and How to See Them

Have you ever wondered how many followers you or your friends have? Most likely you wouldn’t be able to find it on Snapchat. This is because the platform doesn’t show the number of followers like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter do. The Snapchat score that you have only shown a total of the number of messages you’ve sent and received.

If you want to know how many followers you have, keep on reading.

The platform is still fresh, being launched only last year. They’re still trying to adjust to the market and their consumers’ needs. Luckily, Snapchat has updated its features and now you can see who is following you in the “Added Me” section.

There are only two ways that can help you to get some estimates. The first method will also teach you how to accept followers’ requests and where to find them.

Accepting Followers’ Requests

When you open Snapchat and you are taking a picture, on top you will see a “ghost”. As shown by the red arrow on the picture below


Tap on it and you will see the Settings page open. On that page there will be three sections; Added MeAdd Friendsand My Friends.


For you to see who sent you followers’ requests you have to tap on the Added Me section. A page will open where you will see all the followers’ requests and for you to accept them you have to click on the ‘plus’ sign located on the right side of the name. Once you do that, the follower will then be moved to My Friends section.

How Many Snapchat Followers Do I have?

To know an approximate number of your followers all you have to do is add up the number of the people from Added Me and My Friends sections.

It’s not the most precise method of course because in your friends’ list there might be people that you followed but they haven’t followed you back. Also, this method only works if you’re in the hundreds. If you have more followers it probably won’t work and you’d have to use the other methods listed in this article.

The Simplest Method

If you’re very desperate to know the exact number you can simply contact Snapchat and kindly ask them if they could tell you the number of your followers. It might take a while to get a response from them, but the number would be more accurate as opposed to other methods.

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