Profile Verification on Different Social Media Platforms

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Profile Verification on Different Social Media Platforms

Who wouldn’t like to be verified on social media? You’d think if it’s truly your account, then why on Earth don’t you have that blue tick like some other people do? Truth be told, getting a verified badge is not as hassle free as one may think. Not many of you may know, but Twitter was the original creator of this blue check that goes perfectly with their blue bird. It was done almost immediately after the launch of the platform. However, back then it was given only to a small number of celebrities and public figures in order to promote the platform. It was done in order to let the people know that the person they were interacting with was a real celebrity. Back in those times social media platforms were new to everyone. People weren’t as aware as they are today. Getting a verified badge definitely wasn’t as popular and sought after, as it is nowadays.

These days it became more of a brand than a form of protection and verification. Many people are crazy about getting that blue tick next to their name, especially the popular youth of the online world.  All the YouTubers and Instagrammers are big on this trend. So if you would like to know the tips to getting your social media page verified, keep on reading.


Surely, we’ll start off with the grandfather of verification – Twitter. It was always a mystery what exactly this social media platform looks at when verifying accounts. There are vague guidelines to what you should have but no one really knows what exactly qualifies the account for verification. It’s safe to assume that Twitter won’t openly state what they need in order to verify an account any time in the near future.

Who Usually Gets Verified

Twitter’s popularity has dropped over the years and so has their stock price. With that taken into account, it is still the most preferred platform for the media. This is simply because the news travel at a much faster speed across Twitter than any other social network. This social media outlet loves radio hosts, news reporters, TV personalities. It is much easier for these people to get verified. In addition, they love professional athletes and celebrities. Those people get verified faster than you’d take to open an account on Twitter.  They pick the accounts they want to verify by themselves according to their own preference.

However, don’t get tricked into thinking that the number of followers plays any role in increasing the chances of verification. There are accounts with millions of followers that haven’t been verified, yet some accounts with a few hundred followers passed the test.

There have been many cases of people buying fake followers thinking it will get them the blue tick. One thing they didn’t plan out is the fact that Twitter weeds out fake followers at a lightning speed. All you’d end up with is a flagged account that will never be considered for verification again.

Tips on Getting Verified                                                                                                                     

If you think you’re ready to get your profile verified then there is one step you can take in order to request the verification from Twitter.  There is an online form you can find when you go to the Help Center -> My Account -> Managing Your Account. There on the left side you have to click on ‘Verified Accounts’ and open ‘Request to Verify an Account’. At the bottom you’ll see a section called ‘Submit a Request to Verify an Account’ and there will be a link to an online form. Follow the link and fill out any necessary information.

To increase your chances of getting verified you have to engage on Twitter as much as possible. Always post new content, tweet and retweet, post images and stay active. They make money off your activity, so the more active you’re the more benefit they get. If they see that you bring value, your chances of getting verified increase.


This is another platform that makes it quite complicated for regular public to get verified. To put it in other words it’s almost impossible to get verified there unless you’re a celebrity, a politician or some other public figure. There are two different verification badges on Facebook. One is blue that represents that the person is a celebrity or some other public figure and the other one is gray representing businesses. The latter one is not considered to be as appealing because almost any business can get it if they’re legit.

When you get verified on Facebook a door opens into a mini community you never thought existed through their app called Mentions. It is only available to the users that have been verified. There you can communicate with other verified users much easier and you have a better control of your page. It also allows you to live stream. But let’s be honest, who needs it when you have Snapchat?

Who Usually Gets Verified

For Facebook the most important question they look at is – ‘Why exactly do you need to get verified?’ They really need a bulletproof reason on that one. If you just want to do it for the sake of showing your friends you’re verified, chances are you won’t get that verification. They look at this blue badge quite seriously and they need serious reasons in return.

Nowadays many people seem to have entitlement issues with the rise of social media popularity. Quite often when someone has a large number of followers, they automatically consider themselves a celebrity. Facebook has a different view on it, however. This platform has billions of users, which means having a page with a few million followers doesn’t make you a celebrity. Not to mention, there are people who ask others to like their page and people do that only out of compassion not because they think you’re an actual celebrity. So if you’re not someone the audience would pay for to hear you talk, then most likely you won’t pass the verification test.

Tips on Getting Verified

Just like on Twitter you can apply for verification on Facebook through a form they provide in the Help Center. However, most of the time they choose the people they’d like to verify by themselves. If they find that you’re someone who brings value to your audience, in that case they might send you a request to verify your identity. There are not many tips to give regarding Facebook, because they truly look at how important you’re. Unless you’re a celebrity or a public figure, there is almost no way you will get verified on that social media platform.


Instagram is another platform that has a complicated process of verification. It is very similar to Twitter in that aspect. If on Facebook you know you have to contribute to your audience and you need to be somewhat famous, then on Instagram there is no way to tell. They do not disclose what they need for an account to get verified. What they like is to see are REAL followers. They don’t care whether you’re a famous celebrity or a regular person. If you have fake likes then most likely you’re not getting verified. If you have 1.5 million followers and you decide to buy a million more because you think that will get you verified, you are very wrong my friend. The most important key is engagement, as real as possible. That is the piece to your puzzle.

Who Usually Gets Verified

The answer is easy – anyone with real engagement and something to bring to the table. A lot of people think if they get verified on Facebook then they will automatically get verified on Instagram. This is absolutely not the case. Even though Facebook owns Instagram, the rules of the game are quite different on those two social media platforms. If there was a scale of verification difficulty then Facebook would be the easiest and Instagram the hardest. However, it is evident that lately this platform started verifying not only real life celebrities but some online ones as well.


Tips on Getting Verified

It’s quite important to connect your Instagram page to your Facebook one. I know I mentioned previously that being verified on Facebook plays no big role and it’s true. However, Instagram does look at your level of activity on Facebook. Thus it’s important to have an engaging account. If you have a solid Instagram page but you don’t really have anything worthy on Facebook, trust me you’ll have a hard time getting your page verified.

At the moment according to Instagram they are not looking to verify anyone out of general public. Only a few celebrities and famous brands are verified. However, from my personal experience I can tell you that they do verify solid accounts with strong Instagram presence regardless of whether the person is a celebrity.


To Conclude…

It’s not easy to get a blue check everyone’s craving to have. It’s all about connections and the level of engagement. The important thing is to stay as authentic as possible.

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